About us

Find out a bit more about who we are and what we can do for you

We're a small team composed of experienced developers, designers and dev-ops specialists who have spent their careers building websites & applications as well as setting up & administering hosting platforms. We've built software for both clients and ourselves and when the pandemic hit the world in 2020 like most people we began to think how could we pivot to counter any potential loss of income, many agencies early on considered expanding their web hosting but it was clear to us this market which was already well served would become over-saturated very quickly.

We realised we'd be in a much stronger position if we could create a service that made it easy for freelancers and agencies to offer hosting, but how could we create something unique that could stand out from the many great services already available?

Our team already had plenty of high level dev-ops experience setting up and administering servers but we'd always found that existing services all offered only a subset of the features required to host a website or application and often we've had to share a single login with multiple team members to manage DNS or use insecure 1970s technologies like FTP to access a site.

Agency teams will especially know the headaches caused when someone leaves and you have to change passwords on a million and a half accounts, so we've created something that solves all of these problems and works for both those with little to no dev-ops experience, as well as experts who need more granular control and features. 

Web & App Developers

Our dev team have all worked for agencies or as freelancers and know what the expectations are when it comes to hosting

Dev-Ops & Security Engineers

Our service is built with security at its core and our dev-ops know how to build strong and secure apps that keep your sites safe

Customer Service Agents

We pride ourselves on providing customer service that you'll tell your friends about after dealing with our knowledgable and friendly team

UI & Graphic Designers

Functionality is key but design is integral to user experience, and our design experts are masters at creating perfection

Business Operations Specialist

Our business specialist oversees day to day operations and as a non-techie keeps the team focused and grounded on our goals

Cups of Coffee

Many many cups of coffee were consumed to bring you SiteRig, too many to count...

Our team have all been in your shoes and know how to run optimised websites & applications that use WordPress, Statamic, CraftCMS, Laravel and many other popular content management systems or application frameworks.

We are part of Rock & Scissor Enterprises Limited, creators of business-focused web applications based near Bristol, the technology hub of South-West England here in the UK. We've been creating software for our clients since 2012 and over the last few years have started building our own products that help businesses grow and improve service to their customers in measurable ways.