SiteRig vs RunCloud

What makes SiteRig different to RunCloud?

How does SiteRig stack up against RunCloud? We've created this useful comparison so you can decide for yourself if SiteRig is the right platform for you.

  SiteRig RunCloud
Unlimited servers and spaces/sites for a fixed monthly price
Unlimited control panel users with customisable permissions as standard
Choose from Apache, NGINX or a hybrid Apache/NGINX combination
Free SSL certificates
Automatic Git deployments
Secure SSH keys instead of passwords as standard
Backup files and databases to Amazon S3/Backblaze B2 as standard
Caching options such as Redis and Memcached available as standard
Optimisations for popular CMS systems
Customise which services are enabled on a new space/site
Spaces/Sites isolated from each other
Customisable firewall rules
Regular automatic system security updates
Manage your DNS directly in the control panel
Server performance monitoring as standard
Complete hosting solution including client payments and invoicing
Use unsupported and insecure legacy versions of PHP
Support - Email
Support - Online Chat

Ready to give it a try?

Try out SiteRig completely free for 30 days and if it doesn't meet your needs you can cancel without worrying about migrating your server(s) as everything will continue to work with your existing services.