All the features you need

Learn how SiteRig provides all the tools you need to set up a complete hosting solution for your freelancing, agency or large enterprise.

Application Stack

Only the best and latest application technologies are used in our stack. Don't need MySQL on your space? Redis not required? No worries, just disable the features you don't need.

Apache with NGINX proxy

Combining the flexibility of an Apache back-end with the load handling capabilities of an NGINX front-end proxy to give you the best of both worlds.

Apache icon
Pure Apache

Perfect for serving dynamic content with the ability to customise web server settings using htaccess files.

NGINX icon

Ideal for high traffic websites and applications where minimal CPU and memory usage are essential.

PHP icon

The latest and most secure version of PHP 8 is standard on all new spaces. If you need a legacy version we also have 7.4 and 7.3 available as options.

MySQL icon

We use the latest version of MySQL 8.0 or 5.7 to provide a fast and stable database connection for your website or app.

Redis icon

You can leverage the power of Redis caching on your website or app to create a fast and responsive user experience.

Git icon

Take advantage of our zero-downtime Git deployment system to make publishing your website or app super easy.

Let's Encrypt icon
Let's Encrypt

Free SSL certificates are available to secure your website or application using Let's Encrypt.

Optimised for your CMS

We've finally tuned our setup with customisations and performance gains for many popular CMS systems and with our one-click installers you can deploy a fresh copy of your favourite CMS when you create a new space.


Designed for developers and built on a flat-file system, we love it so much that it powers the SiteRig website.

WordPress icon

Powering over 38% of the web this popular open-source CMS system is supported by a large dev community.

Craft CMS icon

Used by trusted brands such as Netflix and IKEA this CMS is simple yet incredibly powerful and well supported.


One of the earliest CMS platforms built on top of Laravel it's easy to learn and flexible making it a popular choice.

Ghost icon

An extensive and simple CMS platform written in JavaScript, it's ideal for publications and blogs.

Drupal icon

Its API-first architecture and ability to scale make it perfect for large enterprises, the CMS of choice for sites like eBay and NASA.

Good Business Ethics

We care about your data privacy and will never sell or mis-use it and you'll also find all of our service providers that use 100% sustainable energy from renewable sources are clearly marked so your business can make choices with less impact on the planet.


Everything we do is built around privacy, we don't collect non-essential data and we'll never sell your data to the highest bidder.

Sustainable Energy

We identify service providers that use 100% sustainable energy from renewable sources so your hosting matches your green credentials.

Awesome Customer Service

When things go wrong you need a simple, quick and professional response. Our developers have excellent people skills and provide support directly.

DNS Management

Managing your DNS in SiteRig is quick and simple with a wide array of providers you can connect to such as Digital Ocean, Linode, Cloudflare, and Amazon Route 53.

DigitalOcean icon
Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean's DNS service is super fast and lets you store records of up to 50 domains by default.

Linode icon

Linode's DNS Manager is highly available and scalable utilising their worldwide name servers for redundancy.

Cloudflare icon

Built-in DDoS protection and unparalleled redundancy makes Cloudflare the perfect choice for the security conscious.

Performance Monitoring & Backups

Your spaces are constantly monitored by our performance management system for site speed as well as downtime or you can use a provider like New Relic. On the rare occasion something goes wrong you can quickly and easily restore from your Amazon S3 or Backblaze B2 daily backups.

SiteRig Monitoring

Our built-in monitoring system is perfect to keep an eye on your spaces performance metrics and get notified of downtime if something goes wrong.

Amazon AWS

Amazon S3 buckets are the perfect way to backup your spaces on a schedule or on-demand.


Backblaze B2 is a popular option to create scheduled and on-demand backups for your spaces.

Monitor your code performance easily and find bottlenecks with

New Relic

Monitor the status and performance using this comprehensive APM service from New Relic.

Client Payments & Invoicing

Automate your client billing and collect payments using Stripe, GoCardless or Paypal and send out invoices directly from SiteRig or connect with Xero, FreshBooks or FreeAgent.

SiteRig Invoicing

If you don't need to connect to an external accountancy package just use our simple built-in invoicing, send generated PDF's automatically to your clients.


You can collect payments from customers by direct debit mandate using GoCardless (UK Only).

PayPal icon

Collect regular payments from your customers paying by credit or debit card using PayPal.

Stripe icon

Stripe makes it simple and easy to accept payments by credit or debit card.


The award winning accounting package supported by major banks is ideal for issuing invoices.


This simple and easy to use accounting package is perfect for issuing invoices.

Xero icon

Sync customer details and issue invoices using this popular cloud accounting package.

Security & Updates

We use a range of security methods to secure your server as well as regular automatic system updates to provide the best possible security for your website or application.


The first thing we setup when provisioning your server, the iptables firewall secures all possible routes in and out apart from port 80 (HTTP), port 443 (HTTPS) and port 22 (SSH/SFTP).

Automatic Updates

It's not just important to keep your website or application updated, your server needs frequent updates to keep hackers away and we do it all for you automatically.

SSH Key Manager

By default we setup access to your space to exclusively use SSH keys for maximum security. Want to use password authentication? No problem, just enable it in your space settings.

User Access & Permissions

Our platform is built with security in mind and just like the keys to your house or office you wouldn't give them to just anyone. Your website or app shouldn't be any different and with our multi-level user permissions you can give your team, clients and 3rd parties only the access they need.

Team Members

You can allocate individual accounts to every member of your team and give them the access they need depending on their role.


If your client needs access to the files on their space or they need to manage their DNS you can give them just the access to the features they need.

3rd Parties

Need to give a 3rd party freelancer or agency access to a particular feature? You can provide them access to a specific feature or group of features.

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