We connect to all your favourite services to create the perfect all-in-one hosting solution.

Server Providers

We provide integrations that let you connect to the most popular Virtual Private Server (VPS) providers for complete flexibility to build the base of your hosting solution.

Amazon AWS

Elastic Compute Cloud better known as EC2 has a wide range of server configurations in multiple worldwide regions.

DigitalOcean icon
Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean Droplets are available in both Standard and Optimised types across multiple worldwide regions.

Google Cloud icon
Google Cloud

Compute Engine servers are highly configurable for all purposes and available in multiple worldwide regions.

Linode icon

Shared Linodes are available in configurations that suit all sized projects and can be setup in multiple worldwide regions.

Microsoft Azure icon
Microsoft Azure

Not just for Windows servers, Azure Linux VMs are available in almost every worldwide region in a large array of configurations.

Vultr icon

Cloud Compute from Vultr provides some of the most affordable server configurations in 17 worldwide data centre regions.

Version Control Providers

Connect your web and app spaces with the most popular Git service providers or your own hosted Git to enable automatic or manually controlled deployments.

Bitbucket icon

This version control system from Atlassian offers free accounts with unlimited private repo's as well as commercial plans.

GitHub icon

One of the most popular version control systems, GitHub by Microsoft is the largest host of open source code in the world.

GitLab icon

Designed as a complete DevOps platform, GitLab is a great alternative to the larger commercial version control systems.

Backup Providers

Our backup solutions provide absolute piece of mind and integrate with the most popular file storage solutions used by developers all around the world.

Amazon AWS

S3 from Amazon AWS is a popular choice for file storage and is a highly affordable backup solution.


B2 from Backblaze is a brilliant alternative for a highly available budget conscious backup solution.

Monitoring Providers

Feature rich performance monitoring integrations help you identify issues and bottlenecks in your website or application and are available from several well known providers.

Blackfire is the Code Performance Management solution for developers to find and fix performance bottlenecks in dev, test/staging and production.

New Relic

New Relic One is a complete APM solution for tracking the performance of your website or application.

Payment Providers

Setup automatic monthly or annual subscription payments for your clients using the best available payment cloud-based payment solutions.


You can collect payments from customers by direct debit mandate using GoCardless (UK Only).

PayPal icon

Collect regular payments from your customers paying by credit or debit card using PayPal.

Stripe icon

Stripe makes it simple and easy to accept payments by credit or debit card.

Invoicing Providers

Prepare and send invoices to your customers automatically with our integrations to popular cloud accountancy providers, or use the built-in invoicing system.


The award winning accounting package supported by major banks is ideal for issuing invoices.


This simple and easy to use accounting package is perfect for issuing invoices.

Xero icon

Sync customer details and issue invoices using this popular cloud accounting package.

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